TWO Wheels Only
Cycling is our passion,
love and business
Ride on !
We wish to put more people on bicycles and enchance
the Malaysian cycling scene with the ultimate goal
of harnessing local talent to eventually develop into
a World Champion Cyclist and Grand Tour Winners.
Our Commitment  
1. We value you as our customer irrespective of how you look, how much money you have , what bike you ride or how you ride it.
2. Our aim is to provide you with the very best total Before and After Sales Service, Support and Solutions and not just to sell you a bicycle or component. We would like to consider you a brother/sister of our family and hence it would be our responsibility to educate and guide you to make your cycling experience as enjoyable as possible.
3. Every item sold in our shop is Genuine and backed by a warranty fromthe principal. We detest fake goods.
4. We do not compromise on ride quality and safety, hence we work hard to select and deliver the products and services we feel represent the best the industry has to offer. Reliability and safety are our key concern, along with optimizing your your riding experience.
5. Sales pressure tactics are not our style. We will guide, inform and educate you on what works best for you.
We love Malaysia , we love bicycles and we love what we do.
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